CSF-University of Tokyo Collaboration

CSF Unmul has new collaboration with the University of Tokyo. The period of collaboration from July 2005 until March 2006. A. Name of Research Program
Forest Governance: Evaluation of the Fifty-two Action Plans of the West Kutai Forestry Development Program.

B. Objective
To evaluate the implementation of the 52 action plans proposed by KKPKD. This will cover the problem encountered by the implementers and ways to solve them.
To examine the consistency and relevance of the 52 Action Plans with current condition. Their feasibility in term of economic aspects will carefully be studied.
To develop feasible recommendation or measures to improve the action plan and its implementation.

C. Location
The research program will be conducted in West Kutai District, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

D. Activities
Activities in this research :
Developing methodology of data gathering and analysis with focusing agenda "Interview schedule/questionnaire, statistical methods, etc". This activities relating with evaluation fifty-two action plans of the West Kutai Forestry Development Program.
Data gathering from field survey, hold meeting or seminar with groups, community members and seminar in West Kutai